Same-Day Dental Appointments in Nashville, TN - Get Immediate Relief

Are you in Nashville, TN and feeling the pain of a dental emergency? The Tennessee Family Dental team is here to help. We offer same-day dental appointments and walk-in dental appointments for our patients. If you are currently in pain, call our dental emergency line at (61) 200-6460. To schedule a same-day appointment, simply call 1-888-896-1427, enter your zip code, and our patient care team will help you find a dentist 37201 right away.

Sometimes, patients need immediate attention and can't wait to see their regular dentist. In these cases, walk-in dentists accept new patients without an appointment and are usually available during off-peak hours (evenings, weekends, and holidays). If you don't have saline solution available, place the tooth in a small container filled with saliva and then contact the Emergency Dental Service to find a dentist 24 hours a day. A 24-hour dentist could work in a 24-hour emergency dental center or simply be an “on-call” dentist who is available any time of the day or night.

We can help you find a dentist near you who can help you even if it's 2 in the morning. Most emergency rooms have a dentist open 24 hours a day to care for patients who have dental emergencies that require immediate medical attention outside of regular business hours. If there is no 24-hour dental center in your area, you will be contacted by the nearest dentist to see you as soon as possible. We collaborate directly with the local dentist 37201 in Nashville, Tennessee, which is open during off-peak hours and on weekends to help patients find an appointment the same day or the next day.

Most dentists will recommend that you don't try to fix it on your own to prevent further damage. If you can't bear to wait for a dentist to open during normal hours, a 24-hour dentist will be there to help.

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